Route and Plan

The studytrip starts on october 24th, 2009:

EK   56   24OCT            Dusseldorf       Dubai               1525 2355
EK   526 25OCT             Dubai               Hydrabad         0345 0840

As one can see we start in Germany. From Düsseldorf we fly to Dubai. In Dubai we have a break about 4 hours and after that we fly to our destination Hyderabad.

On october 28th, 2009 we fly to Bangalore. The fly will last one hour.

IT3432  28OCT  Huderabad – Bangalore         2130   2230       127 KINGFISHER RED SERVICE  
From Bangalore we take the Buss to Kozhikode. From Kozhikode we fly back to Düsseldorf via Dubai. 

EK  563 2NOV              Kozhikode        Dubai               2125     2359
EK   55  3NOV              Dubai               Dusseldorf       0840     1300