Our groups will do research at different Brazilian companies with the following topics:

Balancing Privacy & Security in Smart Cities
In our paper we investigate the relation between culture according to the Hofstede-model and privacy of citizens versus control of the government in a smart city. What is the balance between privacy and control/security in smart city projects? Certain events, such as the Zika virus breakout and the Summer Olympics may stimulate the need for monitoring and control by the local authorities.

Cultural Variables Influencing the Realization and Usage of an IoT Network
Information, and the sharing of it, in a country, city and especially in a company is becoming more and more important. Recently KPN, Netherlands biggest telecoms provider, revealed plans to facilitate a nation wide LoRa network. LoRa is a low power low throughput network. We want to investigate which variables influence the realization and usage of such an IoT network in coastal brazil.

The Process of Developing Secure Software Systems in Brazilian Corporations
In the development of software there are a lot of things you have to take into account. What is possible, what are the wishes of the clients, etc. One of the often under-shadowed aspects of the development phase is the implementation of security measures. The goal of this research is to investigate what security measures (regarding software development) companies in Brazil take, why, and what influences these choices have.

Sustainability in Brazilian Corporations
Environmental friendliness and sustainability are often hot topics when it comes to smart cities and their buildings. But how much do Brazilian companies actually promote his in their projects? Do they include innovative ideas to improve sustainability or is there no appeal to do this? In this research we aim to find out in what manner Brazilian companies promote sustainability and environmental innovation in their projects.