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  • We’re back!

    Date: 2011.03.16 | Category: China 2010, Seminar, The trip | Response: 0

    Twelve days we have spent in China. Monday evening, after a very long flight, our plane landed safely at Schiphol airport. It was a brilliant trip, where we learned a lot and saw a lot of new things. For or all, this has been a very special experience. Without the support from the university, our sponsors, friends and family it would not have been possible.

    Now, the next deadline is coming. The seminar, which will be organized on the 15th of April is coming up fast. So, while we are working hard, be sure to tick it off in your agenda and be there!

    We will work hard to get you nice presentations, pictures, movies and all that you need to get a good idea of what our experiences were in China!

  • The first two days

    Date: 2011.03.05 | Category: China 2010, The trip | Response: 0

    It is saturday morning now, and I am having breakfast with Koen and Simone.

    When we arrived thursday, we took the bus to the hotel and checked in. That evening, we went for our first Chinese dinner, with some drinks in the hotel afterwards.

    The next day we visited the university for the first time. We met students, and talked a lot about our research and life. Most students have an English as well as a Chinese name and were very interested in tall, white men like Robbin, Daan and the others. That evening, we had dinner again, and some students visited the town.

    Today, we will visit a market and the city. Tomorrow, we will see the city!


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