Study Trip Indonesia 2015


ICT in different culture is a Master course for Computer Science and Information Science students at Radboud University Nijmegen. The course is an international broadening course to explore levels, practice, opportunities and threats for Information and Communication Technology in a non-western context.Each year, some specific context is chosen, referred to as the country of interest. This context is further refined by specific research projects.

Students are hopely capable to provide a motivated answer on questions regarding the role of ICT in the country of interest, focusing on the one hand on usefulness and sensibility issues and on the other hand on feasibility restrictions and opportunities in the context of industry, government, university and society. This also includes cultural and other societal aspects of relevance. This year students will visiting Jakarta and Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Indonesia is an archipelagic island country in Southeastern Asia, lying between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It has 17.608 islands with 6.000 inhabited. Its total area is 1.919.440 sq km consisting 1.826.440 sq km of land and 93.000 sq km of water. It may surprise some people to the fact that Indonesia is the fourth largest country on earth behind just China, India, and the United States).