Study Trip Indonesia 2015


In a land as big and as diverse as Indonesia, and with its very special infrastructure of 17,508 islands there are many very special challenges for Unity in Diversity. It could be very interesting to know how Indonesia utilize ICT for handle the challenges in a broad context. Our study trip to Indonesia then covers the following research angles:

  1. How can ICT help to get an effective and efficient government, especially by using Social Media / Social Network:
    – The use of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter in helping government (related to e-Gov)
    – Social Network Analysis based on culture
  2. How can ICT help to set up an effective and efficient distribution of knowledge via education: e-Learning / Massive Online Open Content
    – Behavior of learner and teacher
    – Infrastructure
    – Content
  3. How can ICT help to support Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):
    – Information Architecture (Architecture for low-end IT infrastructure)
    – SME Technopreneurship
    – eHealth
  4. On the counter-side, how to think about Mobile Privacy (the number of mobile device in Indonesia is twice as much as the population size)
    – IT Security