30.04. – Bittersweet goodbye

It’s always funny to see the contrast between the people who are enjoying their breakfast, and the ones who clearly aren’t, for obvious reasons.
After packing our bags, some nice naps in the train back to the airport and getting scammed at the Burger King, we boarded for a swift flight back home.
It feels good to be back home, in a place where cars don’t park in the middle of a big intersection. Where there are actually some trash cans to be found in public places. Where there is water everywhere, but streets don’t flash-flood with the first few drops of rain. Where we live right next to our very own Dutch mountains, that protect us from the rivers and the sea.


But it will have been a journey we’ll never forget. We left a piece of ourselves behind in those beautiful Russian metro stations – some of use more literal than others – where the people actually only stand still on the right of the escalators so that those in a hurry can pass on the left. Where they hire men and women to sit in small cubicles just to watch the human traffic flow, in case something goes wrong. Where the grumpiest faces are home to the kindest people, while in Holland even folks that seem the happiest may very well be the biggest pricks.


Goodbye Moscow, the Big Marble, the city that never sleeps. You may have ruined our digestive systems, but you won our hearts.

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