29.04. – Cultural heritage

In a last attempt of doing something cultural, a few stood up early to visit Lenin’s Mausoleum. The rest of us could only imagine the horror on their sleepy faces when they found out the thing was closed.


Luckily we all still had one more thing to look forward to. A nice stroll through the now much more sunny streets of Moscow brought us to “The Bunker”, a more than 60 meters deep complex of hallways and rooms that – if supplied – can keep 3000 people safe for 90 days. Or at least, that was the idea back in the days of the cold war, when it was built.



Nowadays, it houses a large collection of old junk that was used for communications and such, back then. We could touch everything, walking through the walls of a museum that itself is part of its collection. Two people got to “launch” a nuclear missile, and we were even shown a 15 minute video about the cold war that could be classified as propaganda. Just to quote: “At the end of World War II, the USA decided to use Japan as a nuclear testing ground.”
After a nice lunch, some people went to buy souvenirs for their loved ones at home, while others decided to take a nap back at the hotel.
For this last evening in Moscow, we finally found a great, not too expensive restaurant. Dragging ourselves from the hotel to the nearest metro station where we were going to meet, all of us walked to this cozy little Georgian place. Guess where it was. Correct! It was right next to the hotel.
Since we would only leave at noon the next day, a few went out for a last night in Moscow city. After all, who wouldn’t recommend flying tired and with a slight headache?

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